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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I introduce a new dog into my house?

My one dog attacked my other dog what should I do?

My neighbors complain my dog is crying all day while I am at work what should I do?

I have a new puppy and he cries all night how can I stop it?

My dog doesn't listen to me, I really want to hit him!


How do I introduce a new dog into my house?
Go and fetch your new dog but don't take him to your house take him to a park instead. Get someone to bring your own dog to the same park. Let them play together for an hour or so on neutral territory Play with them both including both dogs together in your games and then when you are all tired you can take them both home together. If you have more than one dog at home bring the top dog first and leave the others in the car or a separate part of the park. Introduce them one at a time and play with each in turn then all together before taking them home.

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My one dog attacked my other dog what should I do?
Nothing if possible. The attacks are normally very loud and visible but do not cause much damage they are to establish pack structure. Supporting the underdog will cause this to last longer than necessary treat each equally. If the one dog is hurt then you should get both neutered If you are not going to neuter your dog then build a set of kennels and do the job properly you have a pet or a business never both. You have to accept the structure your dogs work out between each other all you have to ensure that you and your children are above them in the hierarchy.

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My neighbors complain my dog is crying all day while I am at work.
Active dogs especially get bored when they must stay at home for hours at a time alone. There are some very nice toys that you put dog food inside and your dog must role them around and shake them to get the food out. Do not feed your dog before you go to work put his food in the toy and he will have to spend the day trying to get it out and will not howl.

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I have a new puppy and he cries all night.
He will keep quiet if he sleeps with you but this will cause more problems later on and is a very bad thing. Understand all he knows is a pile of wriggling friends and now he is alone. Get him a soft blanket or towel and some fluffy toys, play with him with them during the day so he knows they are his. Get him a bed that is his and put it somewhere where he can get into it during the day. At night fill up a hot water bottle and put it under his blanket so he feels as if there is someone else there and he is not alone. Let him sleep with his fluffy toys. If he cries during the night IGNORE it any response from you will only encourage it and prolong the misery for both of you.

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My dog doesn't listen to me, I really want to hit him!
Here are the rules.

1) Hitting a dog is counter productive.
What a dog wants more than anything is attention hitting him is just giving him that attention. The worst punishment you can give a dog is to ignore him. This means that in real life many more dogs are punished for no reason and a lot more often than first seems apparent.

2) You must catch him in the act!
If he has pooped on your favorite carpet and taken 3 steps away it is too late. He has already forgotten what he was doing and will not understand why he is being punished.

3) Punishment must not last more than 30 seconds.
That is his attention span if you continue after that it wont be punishment just a lifestyle. Scream, shout, yell but when it is over it is over. Never sulk, moan, carry on or prolong your misery he knew when you started he had done wrong now he doesn't understand anymore what the problem is and anything else is unnecessary and just upsetting for everyone involved.

4) Never call your dog for punishment.
The last thing he does is to obey you and then he gets punished. He will associate the punishment with obeying you and not with what he has forgotten about to him a long time ago.

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