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Agility for Fun.

We meet for agility once a week on Saturday Celduin mornings at 8:30 in the morning. Hans knows every dog and every owner in the school and is able to pick up both the dogs and the owners weak points and advise on how to fix them. Every few weeks he comes to class with some new challenge to test both the dogs and handlers.

He is assisted by myself (Ivone) . Sometimes we have competition tuition and other times its just good fun or speed trials. Most often the courses are set up specifically to challenge the owners more than the dogs. Especially testing communication between dog and handler as well as remote work. Here are a few photos from the agility class.

We have some courses out of competition manuals and some we draw up for our selves each course has a task for the owner as well as the dog to master the main task being to enjoy the day together.
All our agility dogs have to have at least some obedience training this ensures that all the dogs are under control during our training and events and can run around and have fun.

The tasks we tackle are the ability to control your dog when they are on the right hand side of you. This is harder than controlling him on the left hand side of you as we always have the dogs on our left hand side for obedience training. The dogs will always gravitate to that side which means that while running a course they can run a lot further than is necessary to complete the course.

The next thing we like to teach is remote work. This enables you to redirect your dog on the run without having to be next to him in order to do this. This is a lot harder than it appears initially but once mastered means that you have to run a lot less and so can complete a course faster than anyone else.
Bruno Jack Russell
Some of the obstacles on the course present difficulties for the dogs in balance. Others supply challenges in dexterity for the dogs but the best courses are those that challenge the handler. Making them plan where they want to send their dogs and where they want to call them from and how they are going to get themselves to the positions they want to before their dogs get where they need to be.

all types of dogs in the agility class from great danes Scotties Some of the best jumpers are the jack russells who can jump over twice their hight. The fastest dog on the course at the moment is a Belgian Shepard with a standard poodle hot on her heals. But speed is not the main criteria for success so every dog stands an equal chance to win

Agility for the Funatic.

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This is serious compertition training for competitor. We follow all the above rules and regulatiosn so that your dog will be ready to compet in any of the national and international compertitions. This training takes place on a weekday evening starting at 6:00 pm and goes on for an hour. Tuition as well as pratcise sessions are given. The two classes are linked and access to one allows access to the other with only a small charge for use of the field and to keep the equipment up to scratch.


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