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Beginners Obedience class.


The only thing you need to bring with you is
1. A plastic bag to clean up after your dog.
2. A choke or check chain with a stout material or canvas lead.
3. lastly your dog.


We start with how to put on a choke chain and how to use it for instruction and not to hurt your dog.

Next we cover pack structure and how it works in the urban home.

This also covers a dog's interpretation of the events around him or her.

We also cover dealing with bad habits like jumping up on guests, destructive behaviour, mounting people and objects as well as incessant barking and loneliness.

Lastly we cover how to walk with your dog and the commands to get him to do what you want.


All questions are gladly answered.

Advance Obedience class.


This covers everything learned in the beginners class with external distractions as well as interaction with other dogs.

Off lead work is also covered as well as hand signals and voice control.

We also cover remote control or distance work, getting your dog to do what you want when you are not right alongside him or her.

There is also retrieval of objects as well as detection and retrieval of a specific object from within others.

The goal is a complete understanding between you and your best friend.

The obedience class is held in the evening under flood lights and it is a lot harder to get good photos.


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Rule One: Obedience must be fun for both you and your dog.
If it is not then there is something wrong.
Come and see us.