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Lesson 1. How to subdue your human.

Step two Step one Now class pay attention!
Humans are very easy to train you just have to choose your time carefully. Notice when they are distracted by something else.
This is now the perfect time to train your human. First I test just how distract they are with a small nuzzle. - Notice how I get only a halfhearted response. Now is the perfect time to strike while they are not watching ....
Horah! Success cushion subdued!
Now it is your turn.


Human Conqured

Lesson 2. Size really does not count.

Now it is obvious to some of us that there is a small size difference around here but never let that put you off. I will prove to you that the bigger they are the harder they fall. In fact the smaller you are the easier it is to conquer your human. Remember this is the first step in human subservience
Now just watch Goliath vanquished !
From this position demand a bone or a fuss or anything else that comes to mind.


Lookout post

Lesson 3. Advanced techniques.

Sometimes it is difficult to survey the entire soundings at once. This is when the human surveyor platform comes in very handy. Unfortunately this takes many years of practice to get your human trained to respond on command but the results are definitely worth the effort.



Lesson 4. Practice makes perfect.   

It makes no difference where your human is, there is always time to practice "the moves" and even if you are seen this will not hurt your credit rating.
You might even get a treat out of it.
Remember always try it on no matter what you are caught at you might just be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get.
home time


Lesson 5. Don't let them get away with it.   

If your human is one of those who just never stops talking well after the class is over and everything packed away. We understand your problem but don't just put up with it, make your feelings clear
It might not help emediatly but eventualy they will get the message.


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