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Jack Russel

Angel and Lynton

Angel was an SPCA dog and Lynton got her when she was about 6 months old. They joined us in August 2008 and was the most timmid dog we have ever had at the club. She was so scared she woulden't jump over any of the jumps. It took us nearly half an hour just to presuade her to jump over one of the jumps left lying on the ground. It was weeks of work to get her to jump over a jump left on the lowest stop just a fiew centermeters above the ground.

Lynton has worked unceasingly on building up Angel's confidence and now 3 years later Angel is the fastest dog in the club. He takes all the jumps and obsticals in his stride and his consistant speed beats the larger dogs at their own game. Angel proves that a human and dog have absolutly no limits to what they can achieve together.

Lynton has designed some of the most interesting and challenging courses for us to jump and is always ready to give a hand with the equipment.


Leila and Andre.

Leila has taken the agility challenge to heart and regularly performs as the best in the class. She is devoted to her red ball - she is not very trusting and wont let me anywhere near it. There is no piece of the agility equipment she has not mastered and now completes the courses faster than Maggie which has definitely earned her a place on this wall.

Andre often comes to class early and helps with setting up the equipment in between tossing Leila's little red ball for her to retrieve. Maybe the pre-class trial run gives her an extra advantage but even with or without it she is regularly top dog in the class.

Rocco and Chris.

Rocco, Vera and Chris are one of the original team that started the agility classes. Vera Rocco's partner has a hip complaint that has never let her really compete on the same level as Rocco. Rocco's speciality is the tunnel once he is in he doesn't want to come out and would definitely prefer to stay inside all day. Rocco is one of the few dogs that can do the ins and outs without guidance and his smaller legs seem to be no hindrance at all, he jumps better than many of his competitors.

Rocco has quite a frightening visage but a warm and friendly hart and I have only ever seen him perform a slobber attack. He is also one of the top dogs on the obedience course in the advanced class, retrieving as well as detecting his own toys out of a pile. His prize here should be a new lead as he enjoys relieving his frustrations by chewing them up.

When choosing this picture I was very tempted to use the one of Rocco devouring his prize at the last competition meeting. He has won four or five compertitions that I can think of just now.

German Shephard


Sassy and Ashley.

Sassy and Ashley have been coming to obedience and agility classes for many months now and have been steadily improving every week. In obedience they have reached the advanced class where they have become firm favourites of Lewis and Muriel our therapy Golden Retriever with whom they romp after every class, and during when they can get away with it.

In agility they have never been noted as exceptional until the Saturday morning classes started to be timed and treated as competitions. The rest of the group then discovered that Sassy was doing rounds with few or no errors. This was a devastating discovery especially for those fast dogs that often made mistakes. Sassy has now set new standards and new goals for all the other dogs to try and live up to.

This is the team that we are going to have to keep a serious eye on in the future.


Border Collie


Maggie and Ivone

Maggie has been the undisputed ruler of the agility course for the last three years. She conquered the ins and outs on her third go and was the first to go through unguided. In her first year she won a prize for going through a series of obstacles unaided.

Last month she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and for the first time she is now having to work to maintain her title. This page has come into being as we now use a stopwatch and time the events every Saturday. There is definitive proof now available of each dog's performance and abilities.




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