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Frequently Asked Questions
These are problems experienced by many of my students and their solutions.


Pack Structure
A dog does not understand democracy he understands pack structure with one dog on top and all the rest in their place under them. The pack leaders job is to defend the pack.

You have to be pack leader so that it is your decision whether the pack needs to be defended from that screaming 3 year old or not or you will end up having to put your dog down.

Your family and especially your children must also be at the top of the pack or they will end up in a placing dispute and you will spend your time in the emergency room.


Small dog Syndrome
The only dog in my class that attacks the two great Danes is the jack-russel. Here I will try and explain why and what you can do to help the situation.


How to contact us and where we are, see the map and the contact details below.

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