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Pack Structure


Pack Structure
The pack consists of a pack leader and the rest of the pack under them. They are not grouped in a lump but have a hierarchy of their own as well. Often I find the man of the house as pack leader then his pet dog and then the wife and rest of the family below that.

You need to follow these rules to ensure your rightful place in the pack.


Pack Leaders privileges

1. Pack leader eats first

In the wild the whole pack will bring down their prey but only the pack leader and his mate will eat while the rest of the pack will mooch around waiting their turn. Those that don't will be put in their place immediately. Then the rest of the pack will then eat in order of seniority the least important last.

Only feed your dog after the whole family has finished their meal. If you always have food around and your dog eats when it wants to then get a bag of bones and give him a bone after you have finished your meal. This will enforce your place and give him something healthy to eat as well. If you have children make your dog sit and get your youngest child to give him his bone while you supervise. This will help elevate your children above his status and ensure your dog obeys them as well.
We all want at some time to give our dog tidbits while we are cooking or during the meal, DON'T. Save them up and give them all to him after the meal is over as a treat or part of his dinner.


2. The pack leader sleeps on the best place

At the end of the day it is the Pack leader that sleeps in the best place. This is normally a raised place or a crook in a tree or a pile of leaf's where there is a good view over the rest of the pack and any oncoming enemies.

Do not let your dog sleep on the bed ever. Do not let him sleep on the children's beds the couch, cupboard or anywhere where he is higher than you are. Do not let him sleep on your lap unless you are sitting on the floor. If you get down on the floor to fuss or play with him it is special and will not elevate him.


3. The pack leader goes first

When there is a narrowing where the pack must go single file it is always the pack leader that goes first. Then the rest of the pack in order of seniority.

If your dog dives through the door in front of you he is playing pack leader turn around and go somewhere else first. Now he is pack leader of himself. Then you can continue with what you were doing a few minutes later. If he persists put a lead on him make him sit tie him to a cupboard or something then continue what you were doing.
If your dog is asleep in the doorway this is not an accident.
If you can get around him do so but do not step over your dog ever make him move out of your way. You do not need to be cruel about this just insistent and the whole family must follow suit. No pack leader would put up with this behaviour and neither should you.


3. The pack leader initiates tasks/play

The decision of what the pack will do or where it will go is always the pack leaders.

Your dog will come up to you and demand a fuss or a game usually he will head butt you, put his head in your lap or lick your hand. All you want to do is fuss him back but he initiated it not you. Solution
Give him a command such as sit or down then when he does it you will have the perfect excuse to give him all the fuss and love you want to and you will be enforcing his training as well as sharing some fun together.


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