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This is a problem we cause ourself.

There are an awful number of people who come to class carrying their dog. Then they want to know why their dog causes trouble with everyone and won't listen to them.(see Pack Structure)
I ask them which is the most important dog here and they never answer it is the highest dog, the one above everyone else. When you carry your dog you elevate them to top dog. They have 4 paws and all 4 should always be on the ground.

Then when they put their dog down it jumps up and barks and makes a nuisance of itself until it is picked up and elevated again to the position it believes it should occupy.

I have also had someone who said if they don't feed their dog first he makes a nuisance of himself until he is fed so they always feed him first to keep him quite while they eat. (see Pack Structure)
I asked why they do not put him in another room or outside while they eat if he makes a pest of himself.

I have also had a few young ladies who have let their dogs sleep with them on their bed. All went well until they found themselves a partner and couldn't understand why their little dog ripped their partners face off when he took the dogs place in the bed.
The dog was just defending his territory against the usurper. If you give your dog a privilege it might be many years until you regret it and changing an established routine is a lot more difficult than preventing a bad habit in the first place.

My dog is scared of my partner
Every time my partner comes into the room my dog howls and scuttles off.
When your dog steals something from the kitchen you don't hear him.

If you hear him it is because he wants to be heard this is normally because he is trying to initiate a game called chase me. A dog always wants attention and if he can get it by making himself irritating he will do so. The more your partner responds the more your dog will try to get attention. This will get worse when ever you are both together and your dog is feeling left out. Your partner must ignore your dogs attempt to play and you must define play time for the two of you and play time for all three. Do not let your dog define when and where these times will be. Going out because the dog is making it to unpleasant to be at home is not an answer.

If your dog is making a nuisance of himself to get attention put him in another room, outside or tie him up somewhere where he can't destroy anything. Lastly follow all the recommendations in (Pack Structure) and remember a happy dog is one that knows his place. He is living in an unnatural environment where he is unqualified to make these decisions. Too much freedom is unkind because it just causes him more stress and he will die sooner.


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